Saturday, January 21, 2006

Went out to see Tristan and Isolde last night with the hubby. Okay, gonna go out on a limb here and say that it is NOT a really hot date movie. Also, not a light romantic comedy. But we knew that. Tristan and Iseult is one of those classic tragic love stories, predates Romeo and Juliet, yadda yadda. And this is a tragic, pretty movie. Gorgeous cast, well shot, pretty, pretty movie. Pretty soundtrack too. They did not try to sugarcoat or give it a happy ending. But they did it WRONG. I was unhappy. They got one of my favorite stories almost there, almost right... and then botched it in the details. Seeing as how I'm a complete Authenticity Police type when it comes to the medieval, I gotta say that they got enough details wrong that I could not suspend disbelief and relax into the story. Characters reading and writing, tiny issues with dyes and textiles, modern designation of places instead of historical place names in use at the time, use of a FORK and plate at the high table (bread trenchers much more common, forks not invented/used in Britain till much later), blah blah blah. Niggling at the details. Ruined it for me. If you don't care about that stuff, by all means go see the movie. It won't be ruined for you and you'll probably love it. I wanted to, badly. I deeply love this story.

Swatching continues for the garter stitch cardigan in Knitpicks Shine. I hate swatching. It involves maths. And laundry. Because you have to swatch, then do maths, then do laundry, then do more maths. I know, it is the next step to being a real knitter and I will suck it up and swatch, compute, wash, and compute because that is what real knitters do. Still. I feel justified in kvetching the entire time. I'm getting fairly close to proper stitch gauge but row gauge is off. I am frustrated. I think I'm just gonna make it and if it's a little big, hell, baby will grow into it right? The proper yarn has been located for the Rosebud cardigan that is my entry in the Knitting Olympic madness. Sadly, the Jaeger Silk that the pattern calls for has been discontinued. I feel crabby at this. Jaeger Sienna and also their 4 ply merino super soft wool are the same gauge and will work just fine, but darnit, I was kinda wanting to make it in the silk. Ah well. Those whacky yarn companies and their discontinuation of perfectly swell yarn. When will it stop? I could see discontinuing something like, oh, Jaeger FUR yarn, but a classic 4 ply silk? Why? What is the point? How about we discontinue all the Muppet Yarn instead. Because I am not so much with the discontinuation of quality fiber that I might want to knit with. Then again, making a baby sweater in dry clean only silk or cashmere is silly too. So I'll give the cotton a whirl. Now to select a color... at least 3 days of agonized deliberation right there.

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