Friday, January 06, 2006

Well now I know why I've been so out of sorts the last few days, I appear to have come down with the Siberian Death Flu that swept through Naked House earlier this week. Because, yeah, that makes sense, things being all catching and all. Sore throat, stuffy, achy, chills. Oh we love this.

I gave in to the Trekking XXL and Bearfoot urges earlier this week and while two of my Trekking skeins are back ordered, one arrived today. I am in sock love. Yes, yes, I see why everyone is all with the cooing and loving of the Trekking. I too have fallen under the spell.

There's nothing for it but to take a few aspirin, curl up under something chenille, drink peppermint tea with honey and play with wonderful sock yarn.

I should, in all fairness and in light of yesterday's fun, report that the trash got taken out this morning without me having to ask or say a thing. There was much appreciation.


Chris said...

Hopefully you do not have to offer up a goat or chicken to appease the gods of Siberian Death Flu. I send healthy sock love vibes your way.

Jessikate said...

I hope you recover quickly! SOck yarn is a good antidote to sickness :-)