Monday, January 02, 2006


Well, it was a tea cosy and not a festive New Year's hat, actually, but we like things that can be multipurpose in this house. Point of fact, it is an Uzbek tea cosy that a friend of mine smuggled into this country. Given that it was smuggled, maybe I shouldn't blog about it. Ya think?


Not a tea cosy. All mine. Yay!


Tiki likes tea trays.

The sock is fabulous now that I've ripped it out more times than I want to confess and I am happy with it and about to turn my heel. Again. For the third time. Except I lost a sock needle, tried to knit about 1" on it with four needles instead of five, fubared my tension and dropped all manner of stitches. Have (messily) picked them back up and am pronouncing myself satisfied because as G-d is my witness I am NOT ripping the #@!$!@! sock out again. Not. Not. Not.

Yrs. truly went out for a stack of Bollywood to knit by this evening and ended up locking her keys in the car, so stood around in the pissing rain waiting for a tow truck. Gotta hand mad props to Progressive Insurance's 24 hour road service, they were fast and easier than dealing with AAA. I am cold, wet, and it sucked a lot. So I had to stop and update my blog before drying off. Natch.

Walk The Line is fabulous, go see it. We saw it at the Arclight last night. Wonderful film, made me happy, and there was some great music. Confession: stompy industrial girl here does like some country, my first concert ever (at age 8) was to see Emmy Lou Harris with my mom. So the music made me happy in a nostalgic, twangy, thinkin' about time spent with my mom, kind of way. At the Arclight, there is assigned seating, ushers with flashlights who show you the way, there is a bar, a coffee shop, a restaurant and a freaking gift shop. Best theatre evar. Of course it is also the most expensive theatre ever which is why I only go when someone treats me, like my Aussie did last night. Some clever Aussies have annual memberships and get discounts. It helps to have one around.

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Chris said...

Spectacular tea cozy! I won't tell a soul... ;)

Walk the Line is definitely on my list - thanks for the capsule review. Yeah, I have a weakness for some country (mostly of the Johnny Cash/Hank Sr types)... and altho I've gone to scads and scads of concerts since (Ween, Pere Ubu, Bob Mould, Son Volt, just to name a random sample), Juice Newton was my first concert ever.