Friday, January 27, 2006



in progress




Yellow is just a paste made with turmeric and water. It'll leave a yellow stain. Henna will come off bright orange at first and deepen to a dark brown. Before the wedding tomorrow, I'll go and do some gilding in the design itself to really pop it out. OF course now that my bride has gone home, I'm all freaked out that she'll decide she hates it or that I did a crap job. She doesn't hate it, it's not a crap job.

I'm still on a learning curve, this is true. But just because I'm learning doesn't mean it's crap. I need to learn to make the little critic in my head STFU, ya know?


Jill said...

So So So So So BEAUTIFUL!!! It's almost orgasmic, it's so beautiful!

Jessikate said...

Wow, that's gorgeous! Mendhi is just... just so pretty.

I keep wanting to comment, but you don't have commenting by non-Blogger users. I had to register to comment on this, LOL.