Saturday, January 14, 2006

Sometimes jumping off knitting ledges into the great yarn unknown can be scary or exhilarating or so simple you hit yourself in the head and think "why the heck didn't I do this sooner?" and I am thinking that today is all about all three bu t mostly the latter. I've got about 3" of the garter cardigan from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies cast on and worked on needles and it's going just fine. The stuff that's coming up, increases, decreases and picking up stitches I can *totally* do. While I am sure I will run into areas in the process that make me scratch my head and think, "Omg? WTF?" I am also confident that I'm gonna have one great little baby sweater done in a few days. I dug up some Bernat Baby cotton out of my yarn gulag and it's working up great. When the Knitpicks yarn gets here, I'll try the classic sweater and rosebud cardigans. And then? On to big sweaters for MEEEE!

Spent a few hours last night taking a fearless moral yarn inventory and discovered a few things.
1. I want more yarn. Badly.
2. I don't really need more yarn in a very general manner of speaking, because I was a yarn buyin' fool when I began to knit and there's a ton of stuff in there that's unplanned for and available to use.
3. #2 is totally irrelevant to me.
4. I need to be better about using what I've got.

To that end, I inventoried and wrote down the names of all the yarns currently in stash, noted how many skeins and what colorways were in each bin and stuck the card on the end of each bin so it's visible. If I get a yen to make something, I can hit my stash first and check to see what I've got.

Yes, I am completely OCD sometimes.

No. I do not expect this to make a damn bit of difference to actual yarn acquisition.


Amy said...

Frankly, I think the fact that you organized and inventoried your yarn is perfect justification for buying more. I'm just sayin'.

Jill said...

I think I reorganized my yarn twice during this past week. One bag has all my yuppie yarns - the other my ghetto yarns - and another with all my scraps.
The awesome Asian 98 cent store around here has an array of cloth storage boxes, perfect for yarn stashing for only $1.50 (yeah, please don't ask why it's a 98 cent store then).
Back to the baby cardigan - yay! I felt the same way when I started by baby hoodie. I'll need to work on mine later today. Can't wait to see your FO.