Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Rainy at her bday party 05 cropped

So my birthday party turned into a stitch n bitch. Unfortunately, I haven't got permission to post other guests knitting photos, nor photos of Aussies with yarn in hand (and he did in fact, have yarn IN HAND) but this is a relatively goofy shot of moi and that unending Koigu sock.


Chris said...

Belated happy birthday! Unless of course, I already wished happy birthday in the comments earlier... Groggy, first day back at work after 4 off.

Looks fun! I finally finished my neverending Koigu socks last night, so there's hope.

Doozers Knit said...

Happy birthday!

BTW, the Man-Thing and I are in agreement: gods, you're a cutie!