Thursday, January 26, 2006

So maybe there is more to this sweater knitting thing than ennui. Having turned and finished the sleeve, I'm about halfway done with the left front panel. Shaping is fun and now that things are coming together in an obviously sweaterlike fashion, I'm very pleased that I stuck with it. Always good to pick up new skills.

Also, this cracked me up.

I've finally got the yarn for the Olympics sweater ordered, I think it's going to look adorable. I couldn't decide between Jaeger Sienna in "chillie" or "phlox", so I ordered both. Lord knows, I know enough pregnant women. Actually, one of 'em just spawned so make that one less pregnant woman and one spankin' new baby girl. Mom and baby doing great! Once the yarn arrives, I'll pick out fabulous buttons and then bring on the Olympics.

It'll be interesting to knit with the Sienna. I do like the Knitpicks Shine but in general, I find cotton yarn to be a little bit weird and fiddly to knit with. My hands get more tired than they do with wool and I'm not sure why. I also end up with weird spots where my tension was not as spot on, I don't seem to see that with the stuff I knit in wool. It could just be *this* yarn though, so having another to try is not a bad idea. Really, I think I am doomed to be a wool lover and living in Southern California, that doesn't bode well for a lot of fabulous hand knit sweaters.


Reesa said...

The few times I've knit with cotton, I've had those issues too. I think it's because there's just no GIVE to cotton. Eventually with wool the spots all smooth themselves out, but not with cotton.

Z said...

I gotta get a Jewish Team button together.