Thursday, January 05, 2006

Posty day for me.

So there are days when I just want to toss down my apron (so to speak) and tell the family to just... oh, I don't know. Maybe, have a good time fending for themselves for a few weeks because I am on strike. Or something.

Right now, I have a little experiment going. I'm trying to see how very full the kitchen trash can get and how many days the husband will smash it down and pretend it doesn't need to go out. Three days in total so far and if we make it to bedtime tonight, it'll be four. It's not that I'm too dainty to take the trash out, I just think it's nice for others to pitch in. Not hard, y'know?

I've been having a tiny mini meltdown today, all day. Melty about the fact that I cooked a huge meal around the dishes that my vacationing offspring have piled up all day and then I ended up washing all of them for the simple reason that I am TIRED of nagging people to wash their dishes. Well, that and, we live in an old WLA ghetto building and there are roaches in our building and I try to discourage the nasty little things from coming to our apartment. Other morning, I came out to the kitchen and there was so much powdered sugar on the table you'd think the roaches had been having a cocaine convention. Full gallon of milk uncapped, bowl of egg on the counter and french toast making detritus all over. Kids, well, they got up early for some reason, ate and went back to bed. I suppose I should be grateful they turned the stove off.

I guess what bugs me is not the petty incidental stuff like powdered sugar or dirty dishes or trash, what bugs me is that I am the only person who seems to notice that it needs to be done. Perhaps it is because I am the mama and my family equates that stuff with "mama's job" so they don't think of it, I don't know. I just wish people noticed so that I wasn't always nagging, doing, fussing. It's the little stuff, you know? The endless details. The never ending, never shrinking pile of laundry.

Sometimes I wonder if I quit cooking, cleaning, doing the wash, grocery shopping and minding the thousand and five little details that go into managing a household, I wonder if they'd even notice. Or would they only figure it out when they had piles of dirty panties, no food to eat and the kitchen garbage was piled up to the ceiling.

Don't mind me. I'm tired. There's a lot to do. I'd like to be sitting down with a mug of cocoa and I might do that, but I'd have to clear off a space on the sofa around the books, American Girl catalogs, doll clothes and mess. Or maybe take a hot bath, but we have 5 people using one shower that's cloggy and nobody but me remembers to clean the traps or scrub the tub regularly. And I just don't wanna get down on all fours with my scrubber and get all bleachy with it before a bath, I want to run a *@$% bath and be done with it. So instead of either of those things, I'm being venty on the internet. Because that is proactive. Oh yeah.

I'd like a mini vacation please. A spa day, maybe. Something. Heck, even just a day or two where it was just me and some yarn in a perfectly tidy house where everything stays where I put it. That sounds nice. I'd say that I'd have that time off when the kids go back to school but, oh yeah. Homeschool.

Some days are just like this, I guess.


Toni said...

I need to get you here for a week and just let them all fend for themselves.


Chris said...