Friday, January 13, 2006

Oh how COOL! The person I was spoiling from the last round of SP (6), who would be the Jersey Knitter sent me a surprise birthday package! Wow! And I was having such a frustrating day, too, so this was really a wonderful and unexpected surprise with totally kismet-like timing. Nestled inside the package were two skeins of Lorna's Laces sock yarn in Black Purl which totally is my favorite colorway ever. I can't wait to knit this up! There was also a little packet of pirate tattoos and a Jacques Torres "Wicked Ways" chocolate bar (dark chocolate with aztec spices) and a little sheep birthday card. I wish I had my digital camera so I could take a picture of it all, it was all wrapped in nifty tissue and stuff. The elder daughter has absconded with it in her room and we don't go in there without, um, full monster repellent gear on. It's scary. Anyway, thank you SO much. I am tickled pink and it really did take the edge off a frustrating day.

Of course, this prompted an immediate head to head tasting of the Jacques Torres Wicked Ways bar vs. the Vosges Red Fire bar that I've been nibbling away at. First impressions:

The WW bar is redolent of vanilla with a faint cinnamon/spice scent. Glossy dark finish to the chocolate. Upon tasting, I note that the chocolate is sweet for being so dark, but not overly so. The spices are elusive but definitely present. They sort of wisp in and out around the tastebuds with a nice clean finish. The chiles are present but not overwhelming in this one. It reminds me of a good cup of Mexican hot chocolate. The RF bar, while also heavy on the vanilla and spice tones has more of a bitter quality up front and a lingering burn at the end. This one hangs on for a while. Both bars are incredibly rich with a very high cacao content. Just a tiny square is enough to satisfy the worst chocolate cravings. Yum.

Yeah, I know, pretentious, aren't I? But it's fun. I like tasting stuff and comparing. I do it with tea, too. What always interests me is how one person's taste experience will differ over another's and how what one person tastes as "earth" or "spice" or "floral" will maybe hit someone else as "monkeys butt" or "ashtray" or "perfume". You never know. It can be surprising. Point is, ymmv. You should definitely get some chocolate and try it out, see how it tastes to you!

I'm v. glad I ripped out the trekking sock and extended it. I'm into the ribbing on the cuff now and much, much happier with the length, overall look and reworking that I did. While the process is fun, the product definitely matters!

Have decided FINALLY that I am going to cast on for the Classic Cashmere Sweater from Simple Knits For Cherished Babies except I am making it in Knitpicks Shine (cotton/modal) and making a few teensy adjustments for gauge and adding a very simple cable. After that, I'll do the Rosebud Cardigan from the same book. I think both of these are going to be really great in terms of teaching me basic construction and skills I'll need to take on something like Rogue or BPT, without a huge outlay in yarn or time. I'm so clever sometimes I astound myself. Plus, I have about 6 friends both online and irl who are getting ready to spawn, so making with the baby sweaters is a good idea anyway.

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