Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Not only is Z knitting in the Yarn Harlot's Olympic thinger, she is also making a sock. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This is SO me, making heavy metal fingers \m/ and chanting "One of us! One of us! One of us!" because we all know how I feel about socks. Occasionally, I even finish one. Like, today I was wearing a pair and I kept tripping on the 12" tail dangling from the cuff that I never worked in or snipped. Have I snipped that sucker yet? Nope. For some reason, the dangling amuses me. Got about 3" done on the second Trekking sock though. Phwoar!

This will be amusing because together we will be the unbeatable Jewish Knitting Olympics team and there will be wine involved at least on my end which should make for some interesting sweater knitting. As I said earlier, hilarity will probably ensue. Maybe even hijinks. I totally need to make a button that can go on my blog under the Knitting Olympics button which I haven't put up yet, that says Jewish Knitting Team 2006 or something. Rar.


Z said...

Make sure you send me copy of said button! GO JEWKNITS!

Z said...
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