Thursday, January 05, 2006

My children. So cultured.

Last night, I popped in Born Into Brothels after the kids were off to bed, and at one point, Em comes out to get a drink of water and asked me what movie I was watching.

"I'm watching a documentary on children in Calcutta." I said.

"Oh! A documentary," she mused. "That's like, a movie. Only, boring."

and then today, I stopped in at Bunns and Noodle while So-chan was getting her teeth cleaned across the street. Grabbed a copy of The Lives Of The Caesars by Suetonius and also Tacitus The Annals and The Histories in one volume because, well, good to have on hand. Also, 50% marked down from like, $5.95 each, total bargain, and I'll no doubt use 'em for school when I go back. So go me. I am not one to shrink from 50% book tables, nosirree bob!

"What did you get?" she asks me, joining me in the B&N Starbucks (sh*t! I forgot the FT challenge, sorry Siel! I'll do extra tomorrow, I swear!) upon finishing with her dental experience.

"Couple of books, 50% off."

"What books?"

"Lives of the Caesars, by Suetonius." I said.

"Whotonius??" My offspring is looking dubious.

"Suetonius. Roman. It was originally published around 117 AD." sez me.

"Huh. No wonder it was 50%."

Oh yeah, we're raisin' 'em real intellectual like in this household, we sure are.

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Chris said...

Alas, I must be at about the same history level as your daughter!! If it had something to do with rhetoric, I'm slightly better, as that was a major.

I'll go hide now.