Tuesday, January 03, 2006


The Koigu sock as of this morning, not quite done turning that heel.


The Koigu sock as of this evening. Another 6" of 4x2 ribbing to go. Zzzzzzzzz and then that second sock.

I'm very pleased with what I am getting now, and glad I ripped it out all those times. I like how the colors are working out. Koigu is marvelous stuff. I guess it really is worthwhile to get it JUST right.

I'm thinking that I want to do a sweater, I've been swatching various yarns and looking at patterns. So far, nothing has really leaped out at me and yelled, "I am the PERFECT FIRST SWEATER!" so we'll see. I'd like to do just a simple V neck or cardi. Nothing fancy. I just want to get the basics of construction down on something simple, but I also want it to be flattering. I guess the right pattern will jump out at me sooner or later and until then, well, there's always that second sock.


Chris said...

Those are turning out great! I'd definitely say it was worth all the ripping.

Don't know whether you're thinking about a cardigan or a pullover, but Knitting Pure and Simple has a nice neck down shaped cardigan (scroll down - it's green) that has some shaping.

Siel said...

Wow -- You're fast! Pretty colors :)

BTW -- Am hopeful you'll join in the challenge this round --

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Chris, thanks! I like that page, thanks for the heads up, the green cardi is kind of exactly what I had in mind!

Siel, thanks! I will not only take the challenge, I will blog it - I've actually asked about it a few times in SBs but forgotten to write about it, though I'll say it's been generally negative - the one good response I got, I think I blogged. I just so rarely go these days because I brew my own at home and when I do go to SB's, it's to get a cup of that Gingerbread Latte Crack.

Jill said...

Gorgeous! I love the colors!

Siel said...

Yey! I'll hold you to that ;)

BTW -- Where were the Starbucks that you took the challenge? I wanna tag them --