Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I've mentioned that sock yarn is gonna be my undoing, right? Oh yeah. Because I need to be surfing for more sock yarn. Like a hole. in. my. head. Some of us are weaker than others, that's just it. Yeah. Right there. Weakness. Me. Bearfoot. And the internet is just there, waaaaving it in my face. Oh come on baby, just one more, just one more skein. Two more skeins. You know you want it. You know that sock yarn is going to feel SO GOOD. Bunch of yarn enablers, that's what all these online yarn sites are. I'm on to it.

So SP7 looks to be a crackin' round this time and that's gonna be a ton of fun. I had a great round last time too and it was my first SP, I had a great spoilee and spoiler. Moze gave me a high mark to live up to but I intend to do her proud. It's a lot of fun, meeting other knitters this way.

It would appear that I have been signed up for a monthly henna gig at a local cafe and it is going to be big, big big! I am very excited. The extra money will be great, of course, but I am really looking forward to improving my skills and just doing some good henna work. First gig, next month, very exciting. I'm hoping that I can garner some parties and private clients out of it, get a little more publicity and maybe work a little more regularly. Even two or three parties a month would really help. Especially because both our cars ended up in the shop today and mine, being 15, is in need of an alarming amount of work. They did the trauma care and things aren't emergent, but it's gonna need a pretty big procedure here in the next few months. We are trying to decide if we want to put the money into it or if we are maybe going to buy a new car all together. I am really interested in the Saturn Ion. Our other car is a Saturn and I just love it. Most likely, husband person would get the new car since he commutes and I'd inherit the "old" Saturn. It's a 2000 and I wouldn't complain too hard about it being old. My poor little Toyota has been a loyal and wonderful friend but we are definitely getting to the point of diminishing return. We got her the same year my oldest daughter was born. Lotta history in that car.

I've been pretty busy. My knitting kinda consists of patiently putting in rounds on the cabled Trekking sock. I'm waiting for a yarn order so I can start a sweater *woohoo!* and have resolved to be a much more adventurous knitter this year. To that end, what am I doing? Joining the 200soxalong. Because I need more socks. No, seriously, that'll be fun, but I am gonna complete a couple of sweaters this year or bust!

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Z said...

I have an Ion and I love it. I had a Saturn LS or SL something before and LOVED it. You cannot go wrong with a Saturn.