Saturday, January 21, 2006

Have found fiendishly cute buttons with ickle giraffes on them for the garter stitch cardigan currently on needles. OMG. To see them is to squee and die.

Speaking of fiendish, my local yarn store, A Mano Yarn Center, has a really clever and awful yarn buyer. For lo, did I go to the yarn store today "just to look" and discovered not only Trekking XXL but also a spankin' new bin of Socks That Rock. I believe I have mentioned that sock yarn is going to be my undoing, yes? Fortunately, I didn't like any of the Trekking colorways they had in stock (and I've got two skeins in my stash) but a rather subtle celadon hued skein of Socks That Rock leapt into my arms and wrapped itself around me and I had to bring it home. There were at least three other colorways whimpering at me from the bin and I may just have to go back for them later this week.

All I have to say is that it is a GOOD thing those A Mano ladies haven't discovered Bearfoot.

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