Saturday, January 28, 2006

Franklin would probably know the answer to this one. When attending a wedding, is it rude to bring knitting? Now, I don't mean knitting during the service of course, I mean, after the vows and after the meal, when folks are dancing and hanging out, it'd be perfectly mannerly to whip out some yarn, right? Yes? No?

Anyone? Bueller?


playing with leftover henna, bedouin dots, north african cross motif, indian lotus, gilded. I prefer small stuff like this on the backs with very elaborate palms. Mileage varies.

Ok, I go off to gild and bejewel a bride for her big day, more purty peektures of henna embellishments to come.


Z said...

While I have often wondered what is the difference between knitting and oh say, someone sitting back and far as having something to do during the reception, I do know my husband would KILL me if I did this. Though I have been tempted. And I have actually taken it with me to various picnics and such.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

I knit everywhere. Bars, pool halls, clubs, so weddings (receptions) are not a stretch. As it was, I did bring knitting and it was ok *grin*.

J just sighs and shakes his head anymore, what with the yarn going everywhere.