Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Don't mind me. I'm just gonna sit here in the corner with ashes on my face, keening my sorrow and maybe drinking a bottle or two of merlot so that I can obliterate the knowledge that with Alito's confirmation, well, totally fucked up things are a'comin down the pike.

I am secure in the knowedge that it is going to BLOW donkeys for wooden nickels to live in this country if you are not a straight, white, Christian male. Seriously. Give it a few years. Lets see a few more of those civil rights trickle away. See how the concept of "permanent one-party rule" feels.

It is going to suck hard. It scares me.

Also? We're all fucked.

No lube.

And there is not enough merlot in the WORLD to make it better.


Jessikate said...

Oh crap

Z said...

No. There isn't. Put your coat hangers out in the rain now if you ever want an abortion. And start reading up on the Marranos from Spain...because I am so pessimistic about this...I am pretty sure we're deaded to baptismal fonts to be considered American.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Z, I'm thinking Canada, seriously. Last night my husband said if we can find him work, we'll move to BC in a heartbeat. That makes me sad. I love this country. I consider myself to be a very patriotic individual. Do I want to live here anymore given the stuff that's coming?

Not so much with that, no.

Z said...

Because of my husband's chronic heart condition we cannot emigrate anywhere although I have checked out Canada, England and New Zealand.