Thursday, April 28, 2005

Pekoe is now being given plasma intravenously, and they have had to commence forcefeeding her as she is still refusing to eat anything on her own. We are having a very hard time with all of this, but we're still hopeful that she's going to recover just fine.

Have finished one bag towards the vet bill and am halfway thru making the i-cord for the straps and closure. I guess I'd better put the computer down and start knitting.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Our little dog Pekoe has been in the hospital for a few days now with a perforated intestine. They have done surgery to resect, she is doing okay, stable and slowly recovering - we are happy that she'll be coming home soon - probably Saturday if all goes well. So as a result, I am busy knitting bags to sell to raise money for the little dog's hospital bills (which are rapidly getting into the thousands of dollars) and shan't be knitting much else of interest for the next few weeks or month or so (the yarn pirate would like to point out that these unique, one of a kind bags make excellent Christmas presents, in addition to being a stellar way to do something warm and fuzzy for a Very Good Dog and she takes paypal and is set up and you can email her at if you are interested in a bag for yourself or someone special.) /whoring out of knitted goods>

If you could be so inclined to light a candle and say a prayer for our little fur girl, that'd be so appreciated. We love her awfully much. This has been horrible and hard on all of us.

Got a few other projects on needles, though they are temporarily on hold till the fundraising is done. Doing Knitty's Tempting in Lorna's Laces superwash merino "black purl" colorway. Also have a freestyled wrap going in Schaefer "Helene" yarn which was a birthday gift. Looking forward to finishing and posting some pics of those sometime soon. Once the dog is home and the vet is paid!

In the meantime, I leave you with a picture of the Yarnpirate in her natural habitat. Shopping. For yarn, of course!