Monday, December 19, 2005

Without spoiling the Narnia movie for anyone, I will just say that I think they did a brilliant job. It was exactly right. WETA proves that the LoTR trilogy was not just a 'one off' and has raised the bar permanently as far as I'm concerned, and Disney (while not forgiven for all the crap movies of the past) gets Points. I really want to figure out what kind of yarn they used for that red scarf Mr. Tumnus wore, and what pattern. Thus far, there is some case made for a mohair blend on large needles, quite possibly a K1, P1 rib.

This weekend's trip to Surfas garnered me a quarter pound of cheese laden with slivers of black truffle. OMG. Cheesegasm. Also a Vosge chocolate bar laden with red chilies, a pound of Monkey and Sons FT Ethiopian beans, and some really fabulous crackers for the cheese. I took a pass on the chocolate balsamic vinegar (no, really, I just wanted to drizzle it on the sampler guy and lick it off his forearms it was that good) but am regretting my decision and think I might have to go back and rectify things. Buying, I mean, not licking anyone. Because damn. Life is too short to waste and it is made so much better with good cheese, chocolate and other things. I basically had a migraine in a shopping basket when I was done.

Plan for the day, eat cheese, drink coffee, and turn the heel on that second Irving Park footie. I could be efficient, do some laundry and start felting the bag I made this weekend out of Noro remnants from my Pekoe bags too I suppose.


Z said...
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Z said...

I was JUST thinking "migraine in a bag" when you listed all that stuff but boy it sounds decadent!

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

ha! yes! I was thinking, if one added Patron tequila in there, one might have all the requirements for Life, except one would then die of migraine and dehydration in rather short order.