Sunday, December 04, 2005

This morning I drank TWO glasses of champagne and knit at the House of Blues Gospel Brunch. Then, they pulled my husband up on the stage to sing and then later "invited" him to bring his whole freaking family on up there (after the Gospel Conga Line Of Doom) and I had to put the knitting away.

I did not get any pictures of the sock being knit at the HoB, woe. Or the shiny gospel singers. Or another glass of champagne.

What amused me is that I knew all the words to all the songs and hey, big ole Jew here. That's kinda funny. I knew more of the songs than the husband and he was raised Lutheran! But it's such good music, how can you NOT get up and sing and clap and do that little hand wavey thing? In addition to the religious part of the program, I was very praising of the banana bread pudding with creme anglaise, for starters. And all that champagne. Also, peach cobbler, bacon and cheese grits were worth some praise. This is where the teenager points out that, yeah, I'm such a great Jew I ate bacon and then had a whopping serving of cheese grits. So it could be construed from this that, yeah, not so much with keeping kosher really. I have to work on that.

Then we went to some horse stables and signed Em up for a horsey thing. They did not have champagne or gospel singers or banana bread pudding with creme anglaise, which was sad. They did have a lot of horses, which made Em happy.

All in all, a good morning. Though I have informed said husbandly person that doing the Gospel Conga Line of Doom has waived all wifely "just go be social! mingle!" requirements I might have at office parties for at least another year. Maybe ten.


Z said...

Banana bread pudding?! Be still my heart!

Jill said...

Do you ever go to Canter's Deli in the Fairfax Distict!? That's my old stomping ground - where I could enjoy pancakes and potato salad (and brownies and bagel chips and...) at 2 am - with a feather-in-hat-Pimp on one side, and a big-name Hollywood director on the other.