Tuesday, December 13, 2005

er sock
This is what a ball of Lorna's Laces, some dpns and 6 hours in the emergency room look like. I guess I'm a slow sock knitter but that's 6 hours of knitting all right. Keeping the youngest company while they ascertain whether or not she has appendicitis makes for some concentrated knitting time. As of right now, the diagnosis is "uncertain, could be an appy, could be a mofo virus so observe and come back later if there is no improvement in 12 hours or she gets much worse." In other words, we're not sure, the CT scan was not helpful, please to be using your Mom Senses. Because, yeah. Apparently they will tingle and I will magically know when to go back.

cams sock
This is my friend Cam's sock which is supposed to be a surprise but honestly, I'm NEVER GOING TO FINISH THIS SOCK because it is quite possibly the most recalcitrant sock evar. I've broken more #0 Brittanys on this sucker. Lesson here, knit on #1's.

disaster ii
This is what I was doing yesterday. I looked behind my computer desk. "My, self," I mused thoughtfully, "that is an awful lot of shit behind there. What a MESS. When did you last clean your desk and the surroundings? Oh. When we moved in. In 2001. Self, you belong on that TLC show, Clean Sweep." So I pulled the desk out and that's kinda what was left. It's all cleaned up now and filed, tidy as can be. I guess the cable tv people won't be coming anytime soon.

The kids approve anyway.
kids like it, anyway
Well, actually, So-chan approves. Em was more wrapped up in her sore tummy and the dog made no comment. Best one out of 3, I guess.

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Chris said...

Yikes. Poor Em! Good job translating the doctorspeak...

I love Cam's sock... poor lonely sock. ;)

Z said...

Oh man, THAT sucks. I hope she's feeling better today! LOVE the sock...I wish I knew how to knit socks.