Sunday, December 25, 2005

Someone left a Vosges Red Fire Bar in my stocking this morning. Now that is my kind of stuffer! Because of my relatively recent and rapidly worsening nut allergies, a lot of things (like marzipan and dark choccies) which I used to adore are now verboten. Finding really nice chocolates that have some interesting additions can be hard when you rule out most nuts. I am a huge fan of the Naga and Black Pearl bars also made by Vosges, and immensely fond of the Dagoba Chocolates Xocolatl bar. This seemed right up my alley.

Initial taste, bittersweet dark chocolate immediately followed up with a hit of spice, then a long, lingering, gentle burn. Wow! They aren't kidding about the fire.

I can't do a side by side comparison of the Red Fire vs. Xococatl bars, but I can at least say that the Vosges offering has a darker, richer, much more bitter chocolate and the chilies have much more of a bite than the Dagoba, which I remember as a little creamier, sweeter and offers a different balance of chilies to chocolate. I like both. The Vosges bar is one to savor, bite by teensy bite, while the Dagoba bar isn't such a singularly compelling experience. You don't want to be multitasking while you nibble a Vosges chocolate bar, but I could see nibbling on the Dagoba offering while doing other stuff and not missing any nuances.

Chocolate and chilies are a nice combo with Royal Golden Yunnan tea, as well. Yum. Go get one!

A note about Dagoba chocolates. They have several Fair Trade offerings and some single origin chocolates for them as are FT inclined. Vosges, while stylish, yummy and really pretty, does not have much of a socially aware spiel on the website.

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