Saturday, December 24, 2005

Oh thank god that's over for another year. It was a nice afternoon but I'm completely exhausted. Today was nice but yet challenging on several levels and I am ready for a quiet day tomorrow. My nephews were darling, as usual. The baby is really getting around and it made Tiki a little nervous. She spent a decent portion of the day in the bedroom and when she was out, she was on lead with either J or I. She did okay, a little growly at the 3 year old once or twice. Not a dog I'd leave alone with a small child, not for one second, but she isn't a bad dog at all. Just timid.

My BiL unexpectedly showed up with his girlfriend who has MS and is in a wheelchair. I'm always glad to see her but there are accessibility issues here at our place, it is tiny, cramped and there is virtually no room to maneuver a chair. Add in 7 more adults, two small kids and two medium kids, two cats and a dog, a Christmas tree in an awkward place and only one accessible bathroom, it begins to be problematic. Did the best we could, moved some furniture around, it was okay - but I will be happy when we are able to move out of here and into a more friendly space. Also a little frustrating because her disease has progressed to the point where she does require a good deal of help and my BiL, bless his heart, is completely oblivious to her needs. Once he is made aware, he does try to help, but usually there is a minor disaster before he realizes she needs something. I just wish he'd be a little more thoughtful. Nobody else in the family seems inclined to give him a hand, either. It is really hard to know what to do, hard to grok where the line between being a good hostess and being a meddling pain in the ass lies, so I spend a lot of time worried about it. I try to check in with her a lot but as I've said before, I find it very awkward. I am convinced that my BiL is Asberger's which would account for his utter lack of empathy and other personality traits. I find him awkward too. Hard to intuit.

Started making IK's Go With The Flow socks. IK's sock patterns are invariably too small for my feet. I have flippers or something. I wish they gave size variations for their sock patterns for those of us lacking dainty little extremities. Have modified the pattern to be knit toe up and also increased it a bit - I think it'll work out ok now. Using three skeins of Koigu KPPPM that vary from very light to very dark but are all related, and am doing a sort of gradient thing starting with dark at the toe. Socks will ultimately end up very light at the cuff. Thus far, it is not obscuring the cables too badly at all and I'm very pleased with my results. I think these might be dandy.

My yarn from Knit Picks came today. Not super impressed with the yarns in the skein (I have a skein each of Merino Style, Elegance and Wool of the Andes) but will wait to see how they swatch up/wash. Of the three, the Elegance is my favorite, in skein. I *do* love the Shimmer laceweight. Pity it comes in such a limited color palette. I'm hoping I love the yarn I'm swatching eventually because you can't beat the price. I do notice that the Merino Style is labeled DK weight, but seems thicker than the Wool of the Andes which is labeled worsted. Weird. Also very excited about my order from Two Swans which really was just to replenish the Lorna's Laces sock yarn stash. I treated myself to two skeins of Iris Garden. Yum.

Sock yarn makes me feel rich. So do gingersnaps, good coffee and a tea tray in the afternoon. Sometimes the simple things really are the very best.

Merry Christmas, y'all. Hope it is a good one.

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