Saturday, December 17, 2005

my very best oldest friend ever is in town and so coming for a visit today. This is the person with whom I do not have to tell the actual jokes, just punchlines, because they are our jokes and it only takes the punchline to get us snorking. This is the person who used to know me better than anyone (vice versa of course) and with whom I survived innumberable Whacky Teenage Hijinks. When we used to get together, hilarity would ensue. I haven't seen her in about 10 years. I'm totally excited.

Is it so wrong that I'm sitting here thinking to myself, "hey, I wonder if she's turned into a knitter? If she were, I'd be morally obligated to take her on a yarn crawl." As it is, nevermind what I said about retail (don't shoot!) I've planned an extended visit to Surfas because I know that she's a serious cook. Plus, I need real vanilla and good chocolate for upcoming holiday baking.

I make socks. She makes snacks. This could be a renewal of a beautiful friendship.

Little Bit, who was in such dire straits earlier this week is now completely fine. At least, she insists she's completely fine. She looks completely fine. I have my doubts about whether or not she's 100% and am making her take it easy on the people food and rest a little more than she thinks she needs, but honestly, to look at this kid you'd never know she was in the ER earlier this week and giving us all grey hairs. They bounce back so fast and then you just look at them and think, "you little poop, I'm not quite recovered from it all and I wasn't even sick! How is it that you feel fine?" and then maybe you growl a little at them but secretly inside are just very thankful they're ok.

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Siel said...

Will you be getting coffee at Surfas too?

BTW -- Surfas is gonna start serving Monkey & Son at their cafe come January :) We'll have to meet for coffee :)

(FYI -- I've moved to -- incase you're wondering why bloglines isn't updating me --)