Saturday, December 03, 2005

My husband is a fire spinning, glittered up, fur vest wearing, black light appreciating raver.

I like stompy boots, striped stockings and black outfits. I do have a pair of UV reactive yarn dreads, however, that is where I draw the line at black light stuff. I like glitter. I do. I'm a perkygoff, after all and we're required to like glitter. I could even get into the fire spinning thing if it were done while wearing latex, fishnet and to some Very Dramatic Music.

However. The point remains. He is Not Like Me. Not One Bit. He listens to Yma Sumac while I've got a yen for screaming German industrial, he wants to mambo around to Perez Perado when I'd rather mope and swoop around the dance floor wilting like a flower, he's about Jimmy Buffet and a margarita while I prefer Qntal and a glass of red wineokay, honestly, a margarita. But you get my point. Not. Like. Me. The man is, dare I say, I shudder... cheerful.

How have we made this marriage work for almost 11 long years, I sometimes ask myself.

I asked myself this last night when my husband picked up the glittery ball of Bernat Muppet Shit and asked me to knit him a "fluffy bear hat with ears" because it was sparkly and he thought it would be fun to wear raving or for fire spinning.

A fluffy bear hat with ears. Out of Bernat Disco. Way to offend my knitting and the goth sensibilities there, Raver Boy... ;-)

Thank GOD that shit is completely flammable. He looked so hopeful there I'd have capitulated and knit him one otherwise. Cos he may not be Like Me but he's cute and cute is dangerous.

Somehow, we get along.


Jill said...

Awww...the Fluffy Bear Hat w/Ears sounds awesome! And to think that the Glittery Brown Muppet Shit in on SALE at!??
Oh crap, why do I have Grizzly Adams & Gentle Ben dancing to Disco Queen spinning around in my head!?

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Wow, Gentle Ben and Grizzly Adams? Ok, so sick and wrong.... I'm SO glad you discovered my blog!!!

Z said...

You guys are just babies ;) Me? I am seeing Smokey Bear doing a break dance.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

I remember break dance!