Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A little fearless introspection will sometimes turn up uncomfortable truths that one does not really want to otherwise face. I have to face it. I have once again fallen prey to The Uniform. For the last year and change, I've pretty much worn nothing but green cargo pants (I have several pairs that I rotate), the black baby doll tee with pithy saying, and combat boots. Now this was cool the first time I wore it. It looked good, looked hip, I didn't feel like a frumpy thirty something mommy, I felt good but not like I was trying to look like my daughter. It worked for me. A year and a half later, the look is getting stale, I'm getting bored and besides, my three pairs of green cargo pants that I rotate all week have started to develop holes in the butt because I wear them every. single. day. So I've been casting around for some new clothes that don't make me look like the Stay Puffd Marshmallow Mommy, to no avail. Also, I got new combat boots for Christmas and they are four holes taller than the old pair, so I could conceivably wear some stuff to show the stompiness off a little better, right? Right. Anyway.

This whole train of thought got me to thinking about Uniforms Past. See, I do this. I am a Creature Of Habit. I hate to shop and I simply cannot be arsed to deal with thinking about clothing.

There was the oversized, men's blue chambray workshirt and black leggings Uniform (ok, I got wild with this one and sometimes I rotated flannels or shirts made of rayon into the mix) that I wore back in the mid 90's. That one lasted a long, long time. I think I might've worn that until close to 2000. Sometimes I'd throw in jeans or sweats to mix it up a little, but really, it didn't change much. Then came the wild years. Worn jeans with white Indian embroidered hippy tunics or red Docs, rolled up overalls and either short or long sleeve fitted tee shirt Uniforms that I wore a lot post 9/11. Those lasted until I wore holes in all my overalls, the Indian shirts wore through and I bought cargo pants sometime in late 2003/early 2004.

It will be 2006 in a few days and I need a change. To that end, I've considered buying a week's worth of this skirt and rotating that in with some of those spifty Indian style tunics (new, of course) which would be stylin' and not a lot of mental effort. But I'm also beginning to wonder why it is that clothing scares me so badly and why it is that I get stuck in these ruts. I was thinking this, and putting my hair up a few minutes ago, I had resolved to be daring and maybe not get stuck into the Uniform Rut again this year when I caught sight of myself in a mirror. Black yoga pants. Black fitted hoodie. Hey.... sporty... easy... it matches... not a lot of thought.... I could just get a few more hoodies and some more yoga pants and....

yeah, doomed. And I still don't have any new clothes and my cargo pants all still have holes in the butt and.... doomed.


rincaro said...

I have a uniform too. Jeans and tees and flip flops. (Or as my mom would say "toe shoes"). It's very rarely warm enough to wear real shoes here. I really need to get skinnier and buy some cuter shorts before it gets Africa hot again.

Z said...

I have a weekend uniform. My husband says he's going to burn the shirt. I definitely need some clothes too.