Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I've decided that Ethiopian coffee is about my favorite single source coffee (as in, not a blend) and it's all because Moze, my most excellent SP6 sent me a whole pound of FT Ethiopian a while back. Yum.

I looked up chareidi today and now I have a sense of what it means. It's not just Orthodox or Modern Orthodox, it's UBER Orthodox. I've decided that rather than feeling like an idiot every time I go reading Jblogs and don't know the words, I am just going to look them up. After all, if one has the power of Google, one is silly not to use it. Some other words and phrases I am planning to look up for myself this week: tshuva, shidduch, guteh sho'oh, bizayon of Talmidei Chachomim, shadchonim, meshudochim, hishtadlus, bechirah (context makes me think this is kinda 'free will' but I'm not sure), ba'alos middos and yereyos shomayim, takanah, and gedolim. Obviously these are words gleaned from blog posts - I am following a debate, translating as I go and though the blogs are ostensibly in English, enough words and concepts are Hebrew that I'm having a hard time following/understanding. Context helps but I just think there's a ton of meaning I'm missing and even if I go looking for the words, I'm only getting part of it. Ok, so, after delving into all that in an effort to educate myself, I have to confess, I'm still confused, but I'm enjoying the journey.

I still don't know what I'm serving my inlaws for their holiday meal on Saturday. I have, however, decided that THERE WILL BE WINE. And it's gonna be OPEN. And I'm gonna be DRINKING IT. Let 'em have their sparkly fruit juice. It's all Z's fault. She started it, she and that demon drink, Riuniti Lambresco.

I have to confess that I keep looking at the kids and thinking, "Oh god, please, would one of you start throwing up or something so that I can get OUT of hosting this holiday meal? Please?" but thus far, they are not being obliging and keep flaunting their superior health at me. Woe.

Wine. And knowing that there're latkes, applesauce and gelt in my future.

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Z said...

I did not see this when you first wrote it but...bwahahahahahahaha!!!!!