Friday, December 02, 2005

I got my free Bernat Disco yarn today, it is brown and to quote a friend of mine, it looks like glittery Muppet shit. Or something. Bleah. It is being given to my daughter's best friend who I've taught to knit, who likes fun fur (she has interesting DIY fashion sense) and I trust she will do something suitable with it. That maybe doesn't involve snide comments and/or the dumpster. I don't know why I even bothered but I think the word "free" coupled with the word "yarn" got me in a weak place and I sold my soul (well, gave my mailing address) to the Devil Bernat for a little freebie.

The shawl continues to grow (we are currently on repeat 6 of 10) but honestly, I've been a little meh with the knitting. Weather shift (we are getting RAIN here!) is playing merry hob with my joints and I've been hobbling around like a little old lady for the last day and a half and every joint I have is aching. Loving my hot rice bag. My dog also loves the hot rice bag, which I tuck down at the foot of the bed for her at night. It's gotten to the point where she gets all happy when she sees me heat it up and immediately gets disgruntled if I don't make her a nest with it. If I sit on it myself, she actually sighs in disappointment and puts her nose between her paws and then she gives me the big sad eyes of doom. My dog is not spoiled, really. (this is where I just caught her eating an eraser. She's stupid but not spoiled. Not one bit.)

Is it really 23 days till Chanukah and Christmas and am I really making dinner for all my inlaws and have I not done any of my gift shopping? It is. I am. I haven't. Shoot me now.


Jill said...

Ahhhh...a hot rice bag. I have one of those "herbal hugs" - the kind you toss in the microwave. Been using mine plenty too with this weather - as much as I LOVE actual weather, the dampness aggravates my costochondritis (rib/breastbone inflammation...aka...railroad spikes jackhammered into your chest).

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Yes I LOVE the hot rice bag. It rarely leaves me during the cooler months.

railroad spikes sound distinctly unfun.

Z said...

Bellakarma...I am glad to know what I have has an actual NAME! My doctor dx'ed it so I wouldn't think I was having a heart attack (which I WAS thinging incidentally) but boy is it a PIA.

Rainy...I love me my hot rice bag too :) I never thought Tuck would be interested though. May have to experiment ie. torture him with it tonight!!! Muhahahahahahaha.

Jill said...

LOL - I shouldn't laugh - but I thought I was having a heart attack too - which is why I waited over two weeks to go to the doctor. :-/
When the nurse said "costochondritis" - I thought "So that's what they're calling heart attacks these days."
I've tried everything, including a Corona del Mar (Newport Beach) cocktail - i.e. Vicodin w/bottled water - to ease the pain. So far heat and an Aleve works the best - although it's always fun to think my feet are the FBI when I take a Vicodin.