Saturday, December 31, 2005

I don't always agree with everything they say over at Jewlicious, but it's a good blog, keeps me informed and every once in a while they do something truly inspired. Well done. That made me laugh out loud so hard I scared the cats. I've always felt there is something to be said for tweaking the nose of the hateful and stupid.

I've been putting some songs on my new iPod this morning and feeling sad that my laptop with my 20+ gigs of music is still fritzed. Much as I love the husband, our musical tastes only overlap by about 20%, the rest is all headphones music as far as I'm concerned. I'm gonna have to resynch and reload the new toy with MY music when I get the laptop back, whenever that day may be. My husband, Aussie and kids got together and got me an iPod for my birfday and I am really tickled. It's black, so very gofftastic, and VERY VERY TINY. I am a little afraid of the tiny. Fear the iPod. Love the iPod. It is a deeply conflicted relationship, but I forsee that it will spend time with me in many places, keep me company on the bus, sit with me when I knit in coffee shops. Oh yes. Conflicted like the very best relationships. Mmmmm.

Started the second color on the gradient socks but am not loving how it shifts, so thinking that as I am too lazy to be arsed to rip it back, on the second sock I'll just alternate rows for a bit and ease into the colorshift. Which I should have done on the first sock, but I'm lame like that sometimes. Heh. God I love knitting socks. *

A new year is upon us and I am looking forward to the annual family ritual of champagne, cider, pie, Chinese food and screening of The Great Race. Kids are getting older, we don't have many more years to pile into the big bed and watch a movie all together and toast with crackers and sparkly stuff. Soon they'll be wanting to go on their own celebratory outings. Great Race features the best pie fight ever filmed. Brandy! Mooooore brandy! AHAHHAHAHA! I don't have much in the way of resolutions - I never keep them - but I definitely plan to keep some of the upward trends going. Like staying on top of our finances, that's gotten so much better. Can't slack off. We paid off our car this last month, for example! One less debt to worry about. I might go back to school. A little scared to do that after things crashed and burned so spectacularly for me last year, but honestly, I really am stronger, healthier and in a space where I've got to start to get back up on the horse. Can't lick my wounds forever. So we'll see.

In this moment, I have yarn, I have a new blue coffee mug that my friend S threw me her very own self, I have my family and I'm feeling pretty blessed and happy overall. Hope y'all have a safe and happy transition into 2006 and may it not suck as bad as 2005. Which was kind of like, 12 months of July**. Anyway, yeah. May it be good.

*Still really fighting the compulsion to buy some Bearfoot and Trekking XXL. Sock yarn is so totally gonna be my undoing.

**July, a few years back, was the worst, most sucktackular month ever, for me and all my friends. July lasted more than 30 days. I think, iirc, July was still prancing around masquerading as October when all was said and done. That was 2004. 2005 was just like one big long July, from about February onward, though it's been slowly getting better. This year, I hope July buggers off and leaves us all alone. Or else.


Chris said...

Tame the iPod by knitting it a cozy to hide its sleek techno self. :)

I don't know what sort of music you listen to, but reading about your new iPod and then about what a rough year this has been for you put the Mountain Goats' song "This Year" in my head. Specifically, this line: "I am going to make it through this year if it kills me."

Happy New Year to you and yours - sounds like you'll have a wonderful celebration tonight!

Z said...

Oh yeah, an iPod cozy! That rocks!!! The whole bed thing sounds GREAT, too. I could do that!

Happy New Year to you Rainy!!!