Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I am a fickle knitter. I ended up ripping out the IK Go With The Flow socks for the second time, scrapping the pattern entirely and just recasting it on and setting up something in st st with a nice cable going up each side. The yarn really obscured the pattern in the end, so this is better, I think. I *love* variegated sock yarn and always go for that over the solids, but then the nifty patterns that might look better in a solid don't work out and I am just going to have to get over myself and get some solid sock yarn here, I think.

Christmas at our house is gone. I have pulled down the tree, packed away all the stuff and I'm feeling rather happy about it overall. Sometimes I let Christmas hang around, but all in all for me right now, there is a real desire to just get on with the end of the year and move forward. Move past. Get going. Like Ellis Paul says, the world ain't slowing down. Plus, it is nice to have the house entirely devoted to Chanukah now and the menorah with pride of place on the table looks very nice. I am thinking tonight we might go hog wild and light all three. Why not? Usually we rotate (we each have one) so that everybody gets a chance to use "their" menorah. Why not light all of them together? They had a pic of a whole tableful over at Jewlicious and I liked how it looks, so sure, why not?

Picked up a copy of the Yarn Harlot's Secret Life Of A Knitter yesterday while I was out spending a gift card at Borders, and they had EZ's Knitting Without Tears so I grabbed that too. Finding her instructions for sweater knitting to be most interesting and to that end, I think some Wool of the Andes might have to come to my house so I can knit one. I am not so keen on WotA, but it is cheap enough for a nice trial sweater and then once I work the kinks out, I think I'll make one in Elegance. That stuff, I love. Yum.

I need to get the heck off my computer. I'm hanging around thinking "Oh, I could just get a few skeins of larkspur colored Bearfoot here at this yarn website and...." yeah. That way lies peril. Oh, couldn't I just have a little peril? I have to be saved from the peril. No, no, really, I'll be all right. I think a little peril might be good for me. Sock yarn is going to be my undoing, mang.

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