Thursday, December 15, 2005

Gaian Mind

Take some urban kids with the power of their convictions and the willingness to work their asses off and you get something like this. My oldest has gotten hooked up with these folks and I gotta say, it gives me some hope for the future. In a big way, these kids are like the hippies of their generation only maybe better dressed ;-) and I like the music a little more. Let us hope they can be as world changing. I think they've been a tremendously great influence on her worldview and I am 100% supportive and enthusiastic about her commitment to spend time down there.

Video of what they're doing is here.

I'm thinking of things I'd have to offer them, skills I've learned that I could teach and ways that I could also learn *from* them. I've been thinking I could offer to teach them how to spin their own yarns to sell in their store or how to knit and recycle yarns to do that, if it's something they'd be interested in doing. I do feel like I want to support their efforts.

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