Thursday, November 10, 2005

Yet another day with NO KNITTING CONTENT whatsoever. Have I picked up a ball of yarn or a knitting needle? NO.

My day has been spent wrangling the younger member of the family into applying herself to division of fractions (hairpulling fun) and sneaking zucchini and blackstrap molasses into food my children will willingly eat. For example, it can be snuck into muffins...

barista and muffins

This plate was much more full of muffins. Apparently muffins are a good way to sneak iron-rich blackstrap and veggies into the diet of the average child. If you put a plate of warm muffins on the counter, later you come back and most of the muffins are gone. It doesn't matter what you put into them. My children seem to be eating them with a lot of butter, today. Maybe it has nothing to do with the muffins at all. Perhaps the muffins are just a vehicle for the butter. Honestly, I think if you put enough butter on little green horse apples, men and children would probably happily eat them. Whatever. Muffins. yes I do play with barista action figures, what? I also made a loaf.

Loaves can be sliced and then toasted and the result of that action is also a vehicle for conveying butter from the plate to the mouth. Will "loaf" be as popular as "muffin"? We'll have to see.

pete's hat
Is the hat done for my friend in New Hampshire? No. Will his noggin freeze? Yes. Is there SNOW ON THE GROUND THERE while I sit here in sunny LA and neglect my knitting? YES. SEE? SEE the unfinished hat! WINCE at the idea of my friend's unprotected head in the -22 New Hampshire winter! There is guilt.

See all the fractions we're getting done around here?

fractions? We don't need no steenkin fractions
We take homeschooling seriously, mang.

Is there a ball of yarn in my hand yet? NO. But we have butter.

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deMoMo said...

Will you be my mom? OK, that sounds a bit, um, psycho. So I guess I'll withdraw that statement. :)

Anyway, I linked into your blog from elsewhere, and am really enjoying it! As a knitter (at least sometimes) who would have loved to have been homeschooled (though not by my own mother), who already has 5 cats, and doesn't understand why we can't have more (once you have 7 litter boxes, what's a few more???), I am thorougly entertained by your blog. I just thought I'd let you know! :)