Monday, November 07, 2005

Spent the day practicing trad and tribal henna designs but in underglaze, on bisque, rather than in henna on skin. I think I may be on to something here. Test firing commences next week. Wish me luck kiddies, I think perhaps I'm starting to shake my moneymaker once again. I've also begun scheduling some folks to come get henna'ed and will be taking some pictures of all that for my book. I really need to get myself out there for parties. Got offered a henna gig this last weekend but honestly, the per hour price was SO silly. Just, way too low. I'm a good artist and my time is worth a respectable wage. Maybe shot myself in the foot there, I politely turned her down, told her my hourly rate and that's the last I'd heard. This person apparently hires henna artists all over and sends 'em out to parties - I do need someone like that and I'd like to be affiliated with some kind of party service, but not if I'm going to be making less than $50 an hour! It's just not worth my time otherwise. Gas, supplies, shlepping my whole set up and dealing with logistics... I can't afford to lowball.

Have precious little knitting to show for myself. About 2/3 of the way through Yet Another Hat, this one for a friend back East. Yeah, I know, ho hum....

I *am* feeling really squeeful though, because my SP6 (the person I am spoiling) got zir secret package and really liked it and I was SO GLAD. It made me just really happy to read the blog, I've been so blah lately and it just made my whole week to see that it went over well. This whole thing is a ton of fun, both ways. It is fun to be the secret spoiler and it is fun to be completely perplexed as to WHO is spoiling you. Who, me, looking at blogs on the participant's page and thinking... hmmmmmm? Yeah, I confess. Don't worry Secret Pal, I've given up and will wait patiently for the big reveal. Honestly, I'm having the best time with it all.

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