Monday, November 14, 2005

New winter IK is up I like the Winter Star jacket, the Pearl Buck swing jacket and the embossed leaf socks (I usually like their sock patterns). The Teva Durham retro sweater isn't bad, though I'd make it in black, natch. The rest of it, not so much my thing. I kinda go for simple, straight lines when it comes to knit stuff. The Winter Star jacket has gorgeous colorwork but what makes it work for me is that the lines are pretty simple and there isn't any frou.

Given that the Ice Cream sock is cursed (and I broke my last extra 0 Brittany birch dpn) it has gone to the gulag of UFO's until I can afford to go buy another set of dpns. So yes, I cast on another sock but with bigger needles and this one for myself. I'm out of socks, the teenager keeps stealing them or the dryer monster eats them and I have a ton of sock yarn, so why the heck not? I am being clever as hell though. I am making them all a little different but with coordinating colors/yarns so that I never have to worry about matching up an exact pair again. Rar.

I have no enthusiasm for knitting Xmas/holiday presents. None. I think I may just skip it. I think I may just do something else entirely for everyone else (who I haven't already knit for) and knit for ME the whole holiday season. We are hosting Xmas dinner (which happens to also be the first night of Chanukah this year) for the extended family and I am a bit overwhelmed at the idea. Not freaking about finishing a sweater by Christmas morning might be a good idea. There are a few nights a year aside from when we do a Sabbath meal (rare) where I don't mix meat/dairy and try to keep somewhat kosher and cook a recognizeably "Jewish" meal and first night of Chanukah is one of 'em. I'm thinkin, latkes of course and that's a lot of work (taters, precious!). Some roast lamb with a nice assortment of homemade chutneys. Okay, chutney, not technically "Jewish" but there were historically thriving communities of Jews in Calcutta, Bombay and Cochin once upon a time so I think I can swing it. The challenge will be pleasing the inlaws who seem to really prefer the traditional turkey or ham holiday meal. It does get difficult and limiting trying to please everyone. Not to mention, booooring. I can't even use garlic when I cook for my inlaws. Which occurs to me, ye gads. Lamb without garlic? Maybe I'll cook a smaller garlic free roast chicken alongside (chicken sans garlic, equally criminal, but somehow not as horrifying) and then they'll have a choice. I have this tiny kitchen and tiny apartment and having the whole crew in for dinner and cooking it all so it all comes out hot at the same time is something of a logistics nightmare.

Point is, holidays = much stress and a ton of work for me this year and at a time when I could really stand to have less stress overall because I think I might blow a gasket if things get anymore "interesting" around here. So no knitting. People are getting... something else. Olive oil. Artisan vinegar. Fancy chocolate bars. No knitting. My knitting henceforth until after the new year is officially being done for ME, for my relaxation, my pleasure, and with no time issues or deadlines. Phwoar.

two miniskeins, bfl, navajo plied
Skein on right seems to be more evenly plied. Not as tight. Better overall. Now if I only know what the hell I did differently....

See? Yummy. BFL extra fine from Copper Moose, navajo plied, spun on the Bosworth midi. I think if I get a mini, I could get lace to threadweight singles out of this stuff.

you can't knit if you have this on your hand. Remember, henna means sitting on the couch and looking sadly at your neglected knitting for HOURS, kids.

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Doozers Knit said...

I have two words for you, Rainy.

Pot luck.

Have everyone bring something, even if it IS the first day of Chanukah. It's so much less stressful to say to one person, "Bring the xxx," and to another person, "Bring the xxx," than to make them all yourself. You can supply the meat, and the heck with it. Make it less stressful on yourself this year, and make everyone else feel useful. You need it. And it's ok, I give you permission.