Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I can be a misanthrope at times and I do occasionally yearn for a house filled with cats. I yearn for the freedom to grab a sawed off shotgun and pepper humanity with rock salt from the shelter of my front porch, I think that probably lands me in the category of Potentially Dangerous Cat Lady. For the record, pizza, curry takeaway drivers and Chinese delivery all have a Get Out Of Salting Free card. That said, I do like random acts of kindness. I like it when I can perform one and I like it they happen to me. In general, I try to pay good things forward when I can. If it didn't make me feel good, I wouldn't do it. So what I really wanted to say, the POINT (I do digress, don't I) is that I'm having a great time with the Secret Pal thing on both sides. I don't think it is necessarily silly or self aggrandizing or whatever. Obviously if it isn't your cup of tea, don't participate. Why run it down?

Hey! One thing that is giving me great satisfaction today is that Arnold's pet election went down in flames. BURN, baby BURN! First time in years that CA voters have afforded me any good feelings at the close of an election. Phwoar. The breakdown of votes by county was depressingly predictable. We could just have a wall down the middle of the state. Counties on the coast are filled with People As Think. Counties in the creamy middle filled with Them As Think Der Governator hangs the moon. It gives me hope though. Come re-election time, maybe we CAN vote the big looby out of office. Hasta la vista, baybee.

Cam's sock, yet again, hopelessly stalled out. What with the dropped stitches, breaking needles and general angst, I think the second Ice Cream sock might be cursed. Woe. Never fear, I'm off to the LYS to get yet another set of 0 dpns. Maybe I"ll have this thing done by Greek Easter. FFS.

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