Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I am reliably informed that the three bags of fluff from my SP are all cotton. Which means I'm gonna get to borrow my friend Em's takhli (sp?) cotton spindle thinger and try it out. Woot! I've been wanting to try one ever since the Santa Monica fiber fest so this is rather cool. The two little yarny skeins of unknown origin? Habu yarn! *poing* And get this, it's made from paper! I'm not sure but my guess is that probably I would need to make something that doesn't need washing from this. I've decided to just let the wee skeins chill out in the yarn bowl in the living room for a while. People can look at them and oooh and aaaah. I'll get yarn cred. Habu yarn. IN my bowl. Habu. All the way from NYC. Rar! I am ALSO told that the niddy noddy (cunningly made of pvc pipes) is boilable.

Very cool with the unexpected package of goodness!

I'm not sure that I'm EVER going to get that little skully bag away from my older daughter, who has pronounced it the "coolest bag evar" and also, her boyfriend pointed out that the knitter has "Mad skillz with a Z" and it keeps disappearing into her bedroom and I keep demanding it back so she sulks and gives it back and then it is cunningly spirited away again a while later and... yeah. You get the idea. Secret Pal, it is the coolest bag evar and you have mad skillz with a Z. The kids said so.

So I cast on a sock in Lorna's "Irving Park" colorway and I must say, this is lovely. I'm not getting the usual striping effect that I get with LL's sock yarn, right now just an overall, dappled effect. I'm sure that once I get up into the actual body of the sock, the colors might get into a more uniform patterning effect, but definitely enjoying what they're doing now. I <3 Lorna's yarns so much. I have two skeins of Black Purl that I think I might make into a pair of Marnie's Hooray For Me gloves - it never really gets cold enough in LA to need mittens, but it does get nippy at night this time of year on the Westside and a nice sockweight pair of gloves sans fingers could be just the thing for dog walkies in the wee hours.

Here is where my wee nephew is getting introduced to sock knitting. His younger brother is chewing on Daddy's knee and thinking that he'd like to knit socks too, or at least just get the yarn into his mouth. What the photo does not show is what happened when Uncle Yarnpirate said "It is super funny when you hold the yarn and run around the chairs in and out real fast. Try it and see what Auntie Yarnpirate says!"

Yep. That whacky Uncle Yarnpirate. Always a gas.

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