Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dear my friends,

I know I never see you these days, we don't keep in touch, yadda yadda. But see, if you go and have a baby and I don't know about it until the announcement arrives, then that leaves me no time to KNIT FOR YOU. I know it was a long and fraught 9 months full of beautiful life changes, hormones, weight gain, grapes hanging out of your arse (if you've never been pregnant, trust me, don't ask. If you have, you already know.) complete strangers touching you and asking intimate questions and inlaws making you nutty about the breastfeeding issue. I know. I get it. But next time, some warning please. We knitters can't pull eensy sweaters, booties and hats our of our arses now, can we, and there's nothing we like better than doing something lovely for a new person. It's a celebratory thing, but with yarn. Ok, fine, it's an excuse to do something else with yarn. Maybe even buy yarn. Definitely go to a yarn store. Fine. Mea culpa. Yeah. But it makes us happy, it makes you happy, it makes baby happy, it's win win all around.

Anyway, Scribbles Macstagger and Regina de Tuto, congratulations on the birth of your new, wonderful, (probably freezing NAKED knitless) baby girl. S'wonderful!


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Siel said...

This is why I knit baby booties in my spare time ;)