Friday, October 14, 2005

yarn vomit + KSH + very tired, sick knitter + sweaty hands + dropped stitch = putting KSH into stash gulag at BOTTOM of lace weight bin, muttering very bad words and throwing the circular needles across the room, thus startling and offending the cat.

Dear KidSilkHaze.
F*ck you very much. I hate you. You have an utterly undeserved reputation for wonderfulness. You sit there in your ball and you look all fluffery and alluring but it is a LIE. I bought you in a frenzy of yarn-lust fueled excitement and like so many first dates gone horribly wrong, you have turned out to be nothing but drama under a pretty facade. That's right. Pretend all you want. I really know that you feel unappealingly crunchy, you stick together, you are fussy, high maintenance, and you MOCK MY PAIN.

Die in a fire.

No love,
The Yarnpirate


Stuntmother said...

Ah ha ha ha. Sister in the struggle! I too have felt abandoned by kidsilk haze who lured me with enticing fluffiness and a haze (really) of yarn light. BUT WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO KNIT WITH THIS STUFF?

Perhaps it was meant to stay in its fluffy bundles to be petted. Like a tribble. And like a tribble, it's trouble.

knitnthings said...

Ok now I'm a little afraid. I just bought som KSH to make Kiri... am I going to hate it? It's soooo pretty & soft & squishy, how can it not be pretty worked up? I've heard it's a nightmare to rip but I don't rip I fudge so I maybe it'll be ok... I hope. I don't want to have to burn it. Maybe I'll wait a while before I cast it on cuz I'm very nervous now

Libby said...

I feel your pain. I had an issue with a beautiful shawl I was making from that crap, realized I had forgotten a YO and couldn't rip back. So I just sat there and cried.