Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Well we got started on our projects for tomorrow's Knitty Gritty shoot. Actually, I had to get both projects started. It was complicated to get this thing sorted out on the needles and way over Em's skill level. So I got it to the point where she could knit it in the round - she has not mastered increases, cable cast ons or even purling really. Now she's knitting handily away. Knit stitch, no worries. Tomorrow should be fun.

A few problems.

1. No wear black. It looks bad on camera. Er. But see, I don't really own anything that isn't black. I can count the number of NOT black items I own on one hand. Really. I have... a lime green top, a red choli, a green wool sweater and a pink ripped up Vday shirt. I'd count my green Oscar the Grouch shirt but we're not allowed to wear anything with logos, so that's out. EVERYTHING ELSE IS BLACK.

2. No logos. Everything I own that is a tee shirt, just about, has logos or a snarky little cartoon character or someone's trademarked design on it.

3. Dress "conservatively" even though "this is not your grandmother's knitting show." Er. I don't OWN anything conservative. Not anymore. I threw all that crap out. It's all fun all the time, baby. If it aint' my grandma's knitting show, I should be allowed to wear UV reactive yarn dreads, knee high steel toed industrial boots and striped stockings. Period. Conservative. Hmph. I thought the point was, hipster DIY girl here.

I should be going to bed. Instead? I am frantically ripping my closet apart and trying on outfits. It's worse than going out to Dungeon for the night, swear to god.

So yeah. Please. Tune in, Tivo, and get prepared to laugh your ass off at whatever I manage to pull out of my ass as "conservative" and "not black".

Knitting? There's knitting content to this show? No, no, really, it is ALL ABOUT WHAT I AM WEARING ON TELEVISION.

At least they gave me free yarn. Which will compensate a little, when I get the TIVO of this thing after it airs, and I realize just how dorktastic I looked on national television that all my friends and family tuned in to see. Yeah. That'll help.

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