Sunday, October 30, 2005

Well it is not too late to get into the Nov/Dec farmer's market in my neighborhood, so I 'm seriously pondering getting a half booth there and putting out some baskets with the Spiral Noro hats and selling 'em for between $20-$30 (depending on whether I use Kureyon, Silk Garden or Iro) as knit hats certainly seem to be in style right about now and I've had a lot of interest in them. So we'll see. To that end, I've got one on needles and I'm gonna use up a bunch of my stashed Noro to make some more. I will either sell them or give them away as gifts over the holidays.
I've knit up two over the weekend, but those were for me, from yarn I bought for myself last year when I was knitting for everyone ELSE. SO I got these two skeins of yarn (Iro and Silk Garden) and swore I'd not give 'em away, but I'd make my own damn hats. Well it's a whole year later that I've made 'em, but hey, better late than never. They're made and they're mine. Last year, as soon as a hat came off the needles, SOMEONE would claim it. This year, I'm being a little more selfish, at least with these two. The one on the left is Iro, on the right is Silk Garden and then there's the Kureyon that I've got on the needle that is going into the "hat stash" of sale/gift hats. As you can see, I definitely favor black as a base when it comes to my own wardrobe.

I've got a ton of Noro Kureyon left over from the Pekoe Bags, but not enough of any one color to really make a large project. Perfect for hattage.

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