Saturday, October 15, 2005

Welcome to the suck. Still not King.

Opted to invest in the henna biz this month instead of in pottery or yarn. Bought myself an Alex Morgan tribal design book. There's three more I want to get in this series (Tribal II, and the two Origins books), and then I'd like to eventually invest in the Warriors and Celts books, but this is good building block material to start with. Tribal is not my forte. Booked a children's party for Dec and tribal style is always popular with people of all ages, men and women alike. Mental note: buy lumiere powder, hair glue and cosmetic grade glitter for practice of gilding techniques. Make children into canvases. Tap Dancing Lizard is the BEST DESIGN SOURCE EVAR for henna art and I'm trying to figure out how to fair isle some of these motifs.

Frogged the Trinity candle pattern scarf. Too busy. Recasting on with one less repeat, will work better. Rather than three full candle patterns every other row alternating with two half patterns and two full patterns, this will work out to a row of two full patterns alternating with a row of half, full, half, centering the middle pattern and creating a triangular motif. as it climbs up.
~ & & ~
~ & ~
~ & & ~

Or something like that, anyway.


Doozers Knit said...

Hey, I decided to start up my own knitting blog, as Doozer Knits. :)

Feel better!

Siel said...

We're so very different in terms of our knitting styles :) I tend to think the simpler the better in terms of actual wearability and use (i.e. no lace) while your stuff seems to get more and more complicated and elaborate! How does one wear the diamond fantasy scarf, for example? I like seeing the pictures :)

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Well the Diamond Fantasy scarf is a triangular mini shawl, really. You can toss it on over your shoulders with a fancy outfit or jeans if you like. Most of the stuff I make is actually quite wearable and functional, even the lace!

See, here's the thing. My mom is on SSI. She's really sick. Every penny she has goes to survival and paying for her medications (it's not all covered) so she has no money for 'the finer things'. So when I am making her things, I try to make her beautiful things that she'd never buy for herself. Then I try to make sure they are functional. Both the DF scarf and the Branching Out, for instance, are washable and BO is knit a little shorter so that she won't be fiddling with ends while driving horses. DF is in a yarn that will go well with all of her stuff, and I made it specifically to go on well with her jeans. The Candle scarf is knit at a tighter gauge than most lace, so it'll still be a warm, functional scarf when finished. Also washable.

I tend towards very nice materials and try to throw in pattern elements that are special, but honestly, if it's not functional in some way, I won't make it. I get impatient with 'fussy'.