Tuesday, October 11, 2005

We are on round #2 of antibiotics and other fun drugs for the lovely bronchitis, which the good Dr. termed "brilliant" and "a mess". So that's fun. And then? He put a mask on at me. Because apparently, I am dripping with plague. So that's even more fun. I felt like I should have a clapper or a bell to warn people that my phlegmtastic self is approaching. I have more drugs though. Did I mention the drugs? I really am just, flush with drugs. I have drugs to dry everything out, drugs to kill the nasty lung bugs, drugs to make me stop wheezing... yay drugs! I could really open my own pharmacy at this point. I am really hoping I'm well by the weekend which will be the Knit In over in Pasadena for Susan G. Komen's Foundation - breast cancer fundraiser - lots of local knitters, shops with booths, etc. I'm gonna hate to miss it but I've *got* to kick this thing.

Cast on a second Branching Out in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino - gorgeous scarlet color - this one is yet another gift, of course. It was for my aunt but I found out she's allergic to wool last night so I've gotta find another gift recipient. Think I have one in mind. Really trying to knit stuff out of fabulous luxe yarns for my Christmannukahkwanzaamas presents this year. No crap, kthxbye. Though I am amused at the Christmas Crap Along over at the Knitting Curmudgeon's blog and am pondering doing something in Fun Fur and Red Heart just for kicks. One thing I did notice immediately upon casting Branching Out on was that it was way easier this time around. I'm on repeat #8 now, no errors, no trouble, it's just whipping off my needles as easy as pie. I think maybe something about lace knitting is finally clicking. I'm a little worried because if I get to a point of thinking lace is pie, I might have to take on fair isle or sweaters next and that is truly daunting.

Okay a few months back, I mentioned trying to green up a little bit and for whatever reason, can't figure out how to link directly to the entry (I blame the drugs). But anyway. At last report, we'd decided to try Trader Joe's "Next To Godliness" dish soap and Eco brand laundry detergent. The Next To Godliness dish soap liquid is great. It works very well. It is a keeper, has a great citrus essential oil odor, foams up nicely, cuts grease and we think this stuff is just fab. The Eco laundry soap, however, BLEH. I hate it. This stuff does *not* get your clothes clean at all, not really. I had to wash some things like dishtowels and shirts that were heavily worn 2-3x to get odors/dirt out. Since we pay $1.50 per load for laundry and that's water use for each load, that's still bad for the environment. Two thumbs down. So today we picked up the Next To Godliness powder detergent (80 washings per box, better/cheaper than the liquid) and will see how that works on the clothing. I'd hate to go back to Tide.

I have NOT forgotten the Starbucks Challenge! I just can't taste anything. I know I could do it anyway, but if I'm gonna buy coffee I want to be able to taste it. Call me frugal like that. I promise I'll do it as soon as the ick goes away. Any of y'all gone and done it yet? If so, let me know, I'm curious!

And remember, if you can't get that french pressed cup or you don't like Cafe Estima (Starbucks FT blend), not to worry little buckaroos! There is Fair Trade and organic coffee all around you! Trader Joe's has Fair Trade and Organic coffees available by the pound, as do Kaladi Brothers, Raven's Brew, Monkey and Son and countless other small roasters. Maybe in your area, even! Delocate them now and support local business!


Doozers Knit said...

I have (somewhere,) a "triple goddess pendant" that I used to wear when I was sick. I don't know what genius cast it, but after I bought it, I realized why it was so familiar: it was EXACTLY the same as the "biohazard" symbol. I used to wear it at LARPS, so that if people asked me if I was a pagan, I'd explain that no, I had a cold.

Ok, so I have an evil sense of humor.

Siel said...

Interesting about your take on the Next to Godliness liquid detergent. I have to say I personally have found that it works just fine, in my opinion -- but then I use it just for my own clothes with no kids or other dirty things (kidding) that may attract such things as dirt and stubborn odor --

Any prognosis on when you'll be getting yr sense of taste back? Actually, maybe it's just as well -- Many Starbucks are brewing fair trade this week, as this week is Starbucks' celebration (concession?) to fair trade month. The REAL test will come next week -- when Cafe Estima is no longer the "Coffee of the Week"...

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

NO, this was the Eco brand liquid laundry detergent that I hated. SUUUUCKitude. The Next To Godliness brand is great. I decided to try that one out, did all my laundry with it today and it worked a dream. I think we've found a winner.

Plus? It's cheaper, iirc, than the Eco brand. Go figure.

dan said...

Raven's Brew TOTALLY ROCKS!!!

I've ordered coffee from them and even lucked out in finding it out here in D.C.

I especially love their Reincarnation Blend and of course Deadman's Reach.

They're a great company.
And thanks again for turning me on to the Delocator.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

the intarweb is so nifty for facilitating revolution! I'm glad you're finding Delocator to be helpful! If you get a chance, try the Misty Fjords blend from Raven's Brew. I swear, it's like drinking velvet. Not fair trade, but shade grown and ethically farmed/fairly paid for so hey, win win all around.

My kitchen is liberally decorated with Raven's Brew posters. Coffeehouse schtick is kinda the "theme" but they definitely dominate. I really love Ray Troll's art.