Saturday, October 29, 2005

So the gentleman whose blog I linked to yesterday replied - yay trackback I guess? Anyway. This is part of what he said...

"I too would like to see people just get along. However, I don't believe that can happen until the Palestinians, and muslims in general, stop these types of rants, these types of "sermons", and move to reconciliation. AND I don't think it will happen until they also condemn the very behavior that they ululate to in the streets."

First off, Todd, thanks for replying. I don't believe I said that you specifically said all Palestinians are bad or wrong in my post, nor was it my intent to imply that you said such a thing. Sorry if I came off that way, really. What I wanted to, meant to say there was, that I did feel your viewpoint was pretty harsh and while I didn't agree with what you said, I totally support your right to say it. It's just, the tone felt a little hateful to me. Perhaps I am confusing anger (and believe me, I am also pretty angry about what was said and a lot of stuff going on over there) with hatred. It is quite possible.

What you say in your comment about things not moving forward until this behavior stops, I agree with. However. I also believe that Israel needs to stop. I believe that there needs to be condemnation of the behavior of both sides from the global community and both sides need to get their collective heads out of their collective asses before anything will stop.

I believe that someone has to be brave enough to put the first rock down. And then? LEAVE THE ROCKS ALONE. For a good long while. Generations, maybe. Right now, there is a generation of Palestinian children and a corresponding generation of Israeli children and they are growing up watching the fighting, listening to the rhetoric, watching people die and as they grow, we all watch the hatred increase exponentially. There is no reason for them to want to put the rocks down. It seems like everytime a process of peace starts, both sides do exactly what is guaranteed to derail it. It is such an old fight and such a new one at the same time. The pot keeps getting stirred and it's not just the Muslim world that is stirring it. Everyone has a spoon in there. Too many cooks, yadda yadda.

I have hope. If the IRA can sit down with the British, anything is possible. But I think that became possible because over a period of time, people gradually began throwing fewer rocks and their kids grew up not hating as much and eventually, a dialogue became possible. Our interpersonal problems go back a little farther. Maybe it's gonna take a few more generations for us to get there. I just don't see us getting there any time soon.

It makes me incredibly sad.

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