Thursday, October 13, 2005

Okay, have I mentioned the suck factor? Because this sucks. Day #3, round #2, antibiotics supposedly working? I'll have to assume. My lungs are seriously doubting it. If anything, feeling worse.

Oxygen deprivation doesn't seem to be limiting my knit fu though. Finished the 2nd Branching Out in the Debbie Bliss, that is blocking and I cast on another lace scarf in my own design. Doing a 3 repeat Candle pattern in the other skeins of the same scarlet cashmerino with a garter border. Simple. Really gorgeous in this yarn and at this gauge. I have a circular shawl with a candle pattern border and it is the most exquisite thing ever. I love this particular lace pattern more than just about any other so I'm excited to have learned it. I feel encouraged and a real sense of having mastered a challenge. Blame it on the Shetland Lace Workshop list. It's helped. I've got an idea for another scarf brewing. I'd like to use something really lofty and soft, and do a garter stitch scarf, but with the outer leaves from Branching out on either side of the garter stitch. So I am trying to sort out how that would work, on paper. Once the candle pattern scarf is done, I will have to start swatching. I think that'd be just, cuddly and marvelous.

My children are attempting to make my homemade macaroni and cheese. I am too sick to get off the sofa (yay laptop! yay wireless!) and so I have written out the instructions. So-chan, Em and So-chan's boyfriend are all cooking together. They sound like they are having fun. I'm a little worried about letting them just go do it, but that's how one learns to cook so I guess I gotta untie the apron strings some time. As a condition for me "allowing" them to cook dinner, I told them they had to clean the kitchen, which they were just thrilled to do because apparently cooking dinner is very exciting and quite a privilege. Who knew? I'm sure they'll discover the truth eventually, but hey. Nice while it lasts. My kids are so great.

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