Saturday, October 29, 2005

If I start going on about the situation in the Middle East, then I'll have to start in about the whole mess in the White House and how annoyed I am that someone is taking the fall for Rove (because ya know? He's not gonna go down. They'll find another fall guy.) And I'd have to rant about how pissed I am about the continued lack of help for Katrina folks and the fact that the situation in Pakistan is an unholy mess with a bunch of people gonna freeze to death this winter because they can't even get tents to these people and....

ya know?

I'm gonna stick to yarn. Yarn almost never makes me yank at my hair, froth at the mouth and start spluttering very bad words that scare the cats.

Yay yarn.


Z said...

Last night I heard a report that insiders are saying that Bush has lost confidence in his three top aides...Andy Card, one I can't remember and our beloved Mephistopheles himself...Karl Rove. That was the best news I had heard all YEAR!

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