Thursday, October 27, 2005

I wore black. Oh, c'mon, you knew I would. I totally jacked the gorgeous red Debbie Bliss cashmerino Branching Out that I made Dad's gf so I have to wash and reblock that before the hols. Either that or maybe I'll keep it and knit her something else. Maybe she might want something else. I have to decide. I could always keep the one I got dirty and knit another BO for her, right? Right. Whoah. Like, tangent. Anyway. I also wore my $5 uber cool leopard fuzzy creepers from the thrift store. I put on makeup and had good hair. Before noon. You have to understand, I homeschool. That means, I can wear pajamas until noon if I want unless we are going out somewhere. So the act of putting on makeup, doing my hair, finding clothing that is clean, unwrinkled and suitable for outside and then getting my arse into gear and getting to Burbank before 10am? That's nothing short of... well... it was a challenge. I had some help though. This morning when I got into the shower, a big ass SPIDER jumped on my naked ARM and it was like a scene out of Psycho really. The spider died. There was a whole, going down the drain, dead spider scene, with me standing OUTSIDE of the shower twitching anxiously until it was GONE.

I can assure you, after the spider, I was quite awake. As were the upstairs neighbors and most of the neighbors in all the adjacent buildings.

Anyway. The shoot was a ton of fun. We made a ski hat with earflaps and a HUGE pompom out of fabulous Lorna's Laces yarn. The crew was awesome, there were snacks, we had a great producer, everyone was super nice and we had a fun day. It was a very "family" themed show, with a mom and her two kids as the guest designer/knitters and then Em and I as the "Knitsters". I highly recommend it if you ever get a chance to do the show. Apparently they are currently showing season 3, my show will be in season 4, so not aired for a few months. I'll post here when it is and y'all can marvel at my thrifty shoes.

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