Monday, October 10, 2005

I think I might end up doing a stint on that DIY Network Knitty Gritty show as a "Knitster" how cool is that? They're looking for knitters to chill out and, er, well, knit. On TV. No money, but they have a Craft Services table. Which, you know, hey. If I can knit and they feed me? Rock. Have been discussing the possibilities therein with one of their producers. Would be teh shiny, yo.

Blocking IS a miracle. OMG. The Diamond Fantasy scarf is fab. Except I found one dropped stitch. Bugger and blast. It's not horribly obvious and it's on the set of yarnovers between the border and the lace portion of the shawl, so redeemable, I believe. Oh and one weird repeat of the pattern, but again, not totally visible to the naked eye.

blocked shawl

Really, I could be a perfectionist knitter. I aim for that. It's just, sometimes I miss things and don't find them till later and I'm not about to rip it out and start over at that point.

I have made a spazztastic set of yarn dreads. Behold their beauty.
dread falls Suffice it to say, my new yarn dreads are dready cool. Colinette pt. 5 (uv reactive, SQUEEE!), Noro Lotus and a base of Cascade Magnum for uber stompity goodness. I shall be so very rivet when next I dance. Phwoar. Probably though I shall have to dye my hair again before I wear them, so that there's not all this, er, grey. Because I don't wanna look like an Ur-Goth, ready to hobble off to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and die or anything.

Goth, v. 1.0

no RAM for upgrades, I'm afraid.

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