Sunday, October 23, 2005

I have not been in much of a knitting mood this past week, however I've been a spinning fiend. Spun up the rest of the Mystery Batt and got 6 miniskeins of a nice variegated, heathery, 3 ply yarn which I think shall become a roll brim hat for the winter. Have started spinning up some of the cream colored BFL from Copper Moose - it seems happy to become fingering weight singles and I will probably either navajo ply or do a 2 ply yarn from it. I let some ply back on itself and it is a really soft, fluffery yarn.

Am probably going to experiment with Koolaid dying this after it is spun and I might take some of the unspun Corriedale roving I've got lying around and Koolaid dye that as well. I'm curious to see which method I like better. Fun!

Spinning. Who knew? It really is the new black.

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