Friday, October 28, 2005

Gratuitious Pictures

One Skein Noro Spiral Brim Hat
One Skein Spiral Brim Noro Hat in Kureyon

in progress, One Skein Noro hat
in Silk Garden, work in progress

Knitty Gritty Hat
Hat from Knitty Gritty show, on kid.

SP6 sheep
SP6 sheep, came with food and poo! <3 the sheep. Seriously. Love the sheep. Sheep has garnered praise from all members of family.

SP6 swagginess... Israeli "Kif Kef" bars, stitch markers, mojo box, incense, sheep, keyring, red strings, harissa, little Israeli flag, etc. I hung the house blessing up and it didn't make it into the pics, nor did postcards. But seriously shiny, non?

tiki and sadie, running i
gratuitous dog park shot


Z said...

I absolutely LOVE that sheep. Love it. The hats on top look suspiciously like the kippah I knitted for Evan last year. He loves it. I'll photograph it and get it onto the olde blog so you can see it.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

I am making my Dad a kippah out of the Noro silk garden in an autumny colorway with the spiral ribbing. I crocheted him one from Noro lotus last year. I'd like my dad to have a collection - one for every mood.