Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Yarnpirate is going to Hooters. Yarrrrrrrr.

The Yarnpirate has never been to Hooters before and thus is a tad concerned about what she will see there however, is assured there is food that pirates like to eat. Also, she is told that there will be booty. And everyone knows, pirates are all about the booty. The pirate would like to state that when she started this journal, the kind of booty she had in mind was natural fiber in the skein, and not UCLA students wearing orange polyester short shorts. Full report on Hooters, forthcoming, when the pirate returns. Also, perhaps pictures, and there might be some shots of the sock, playing pool. Or perhaps getting in on the booty and posing with waitresses. Because the sock is also going to Hooters and then to the pool hall. There might even be Shirley Temples happening if things get really wild.

Because it is an evening of debauchery, the yarnpirate is wearing an ankle length retro 30's dress from the thrift bin, demure striped stockings, hefty combat boots and charming little death's head grosgrain hairbows. The power of the cute compels you. So-chan complained that "that dress makes you look like a mom. A goth mom, but a mom." however, the pirate should like to point out that she is a mom and she's a 36 year old mom and if she's going to Hooters, she's not gonna even try to compete in the short skirt department.

Honestly. Is this the kind of face you'd expect to see out, having a wild evening of piratical debauchery? I think not. DOWN!

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Toni said...

So who's idea was it to go to Hooters? My Dad once took me to Hooters, I have no clue why...

And, yes, all you need is an eyepatch and a pirate hat!