Monday, September 05, 2005

WHAT a completely bizarre study in contrasts this world can be.

Tonight I worked a bar mitzvah that took over the entire 3rd floor of a very chi chi LA hotel. I mean, folks, we're talking some serious bling. Lets see, there was me, there was the guy doing custom airbrush work, the sushi chef, the djs, bellydancer, the rappers - OMG, I swear, I KID YOU NOT, there was a performer whose schtick seemed to be rapping in Hebrew and clutching his yarmulke while flashing gang sign. Dj. Jazzy. Schlomo. Btw, don't get on me for not being PC. I am a Jew, I love Jews, they are my people and given all that, yeah. He came in yelling "Yo. Yo. Yo. Rabbi. In. Da. House." I about did a spit take. It was so terribly, terribly wrong. Like, Vanilla Ice wrong. Chicken McWrong.

The outlay to create this party boggles the mind. Hundreds of people there. I've seen weddings with less fuss. The children were dressed in designer clothing in the very latest style. I saw one thirteen year old girl wearing about sixty thousand dollars worth of real vintage diamonds and Tiffany pearls. My first husband was a goldsmith, so I know from jewelry and this was some serious JEWELRY.

There's a certain attitude that people of a particular financial echelon seem to have about "the help" and at this party I was "the help". I can't really explain it except that you are kind of a non person. You are there to competently provide a service, keep things running smoothly and handle problems so that nothing impinges on the party. You are the help. You are invisible, except when you are not. I don't mind being the help, but I find it amusing when they look right over me like I'm not there, WHILE I am providing my service to them. I did my gig, did some great henna and then got the heck out when my gig was up. I'll take any work that comes my way, but working a bar mitzvah is officially so not my favorite gig of all time.

I don't much care about the kind of party though. I just want to buy some groceries, get out of debt, pay our bills and maybe splurge on some yarn without HORRIBLE crushing guilt, sometime again when things are not really super tight.

When I got home, I found this in my email:
I am from New Orleans, but have lived in LA for 5 years. 80% of family lived in New Orleans. Several are still missing. I don't have the means to provide for all of them. Right now, I have a 70 year old aunt in need of a place. She is also diabetic, she cannot stay in a shelter for a long time. She also walks with cane. I have a brother with a wife a two toddlers that need a place. My best friend, his wife and two children need a place also. I have only been able to locate a fraction of my family. Anything you can do....

It's a funny old world that has such extremes in it.

We are going to be trying to help these people. I know some folks from LA read my blog, do you know of anyone with space, with a rental property, or who has a spare bedroom? Email me in comments. Lets try to get these folks a place to stay, ok?

If you live somewhere else in the country, please consider taking in a family or a person or a dog or a cat or someone.


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